Top dangerous and safe countries in the Middle East


The Middle East has always been distinguished by its special and reverent culture.  In most Arab countries the religious branch is well developed which for certain reasons causes fear and apprehension among many Europeans.  But not all countries in the Middle East are as dangerous as they are described in guidebooks. To understand which eastern states it is better not to go to for your own safety, we suggest taking a closer look at the safest countries in the Middle East to visit.

Top 5 Safe Arab States

The safest Arab countries:

  1.  Qatar is the safest country on the planet.  The local authorities take security issues very seriously, not only for foreigners but also for the indigenous population.  In Qatar, the law is observed very strictly, so even the slightest deviation from existing laws can lead to sad consequences.
  2.  The UAE is a state with a clear management position and commitment to the Muslim world.  Despite the fact that many residents of the UAE profess Islam, they are very loyal to the petty misconduct of foreigners.
  3.  Jordan is an incredibly warm, hospitable and sincere republic.  The local population is very welcoming to tourists, and the state is doing everything possible to make foreign guests feel not only comfortable but also safe.
  4.  Kuwait.  The country is aimed at the active development of the tourism industry, therefore, it invests considerable financial resources in ensuring the safety of the guests of its country.
  5.  Oman is a Muslim republic that strictly observes the laws of the Koran. The crime rate here is low due to the large number of believers who sincerely consider it the greatest sin to disobey the laws of Allah.

 The top safest cities in the Middle East included: Dubai, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Amman.  All these cities belong to prosperous states that care about the safety and well-being of their own residents.

The most dangerous countries in the Middle East

But the Middle East is not as attractive as it might seem at first glance. There are a number of republics that pose a real threat not only to tourists and foreign residents but also to their own population.

 The most dangerous for tourists are:

  1.  Afghanistan.  After the withdrawal of American troops from the territory of Afghanistan, the Taliban seized power which supported impunity and encouraged physical violence against the local population.  But alas, the situation did not change overnight, Afghanistan has been in constant military conflicts for more than 40 years.  Coup d’état, civil unrest, armed conflicts with neighboring countries – this is what characterizes Afghanistan.  Today it is the most dangerous country to visit.  Traveling to Afghanistan can result in kidnapping, injury or even death.
  2.  Yemen.  10 years of political crisis, constant coup d’état, frequent change of power led Yemen to a humanitarian catastrophe.  Hunger, street protests, constant need push people to crime, so it’s not worth going to Yemen even to satisfy personal interests.
  3.  Syria. Syria has been in a constant civil war since 2011.  Regular terrorist attacks, lawlessness in the streets, uncertainty in the state apparatus of government – all this has led Syria to a state of hopelessness.

 Separately, it is worth noting Iran, which over the past twenty years has managed to “survive” 2 wars and a lot of civil conflicts. For tourists in Iran the danger is precisely the militants who attack Baghdad from time to time.

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