Best Neighborhoods in Dubai – Mira Dubai by Emaar Properties


According to expert estimates, the Mira Dubai area is one of the most comfortable and convenient for living in Dubai. The area harmoniously combines privacy with nature, silence and tranquility.  Dubai is a city of big deals, bustle, luxury and fun but in Mira Dubai, the frantic pace of life in the East is almost not felt.

 Mira Dubai: location

The area was created by the well-known company Emaar Properties. While building the basic needs of residents were taken into account, so the Mira Dubai community is equipped with all the necessary benefits of civilization for a comfortable and convenient life.

 The LCD is indirectly divided into 5 microdistricts, called Mira-1, Mira-2, Mira-3, Mira-4 and Mira-5.  All neighborhoods are located in the Reem area.  The community has more than 18 thousand villas and townhouses.  In addition to the comfortable environment, Mira Oasis Dubai is also distinguished by good transport interchange. It is located at the intersection of Emirates Road and Al Qudra Road, so getting to the main attractions and important locations is not difficult.

Best Neighborhoods in Dubai - Mira Dubai by Emaar Properties - Limitless Valley - Real Estate - Dubai

The complex includes villas with 2-3 bedrooms and townhouses with 3-4 bedrooms.  All houses are made in the same style and have a similar layout.  Each house has its own terrace, a small courtyard and parking for cars.  All villas are well renovated using only high quality and safe materials.

 What the community offers to property owners in Mira Dubai:

  1.  Landscaped central park.
  2.  Shopping center.
  3.  Small grocery stores and shops.
  4.  Fine dining restaurants.
  5.  Gym.
  6.  Horse court.
  7.  Running and cycling paths.
  8.  Polo court.
  9.  Football field.
  10.  Barbecue area.
  11.  Tennis court.
  12.  Cricket ground.
  13.  Modern playgrounds.
  14.  Karting track.

 The residential complex is very responsible for the safety of residents, so it is guarded around the clock, there is video surveillance throughout the territory.

 On the territory of the residential community there is a school and a preschool institution, a medical center capable of providing first aid and pharmacies.

 This is one of the residential complexes where time becomes invisible, people are more subject to regularity and solitude.  This is an ideal place for people who value their own freedom, personal space and comfort.  This is a homely area with beautiful villas and townhouses but at the same time not devoid of development.

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