Women’s rights in Dubai


Gender inequality in the UAE is a common topic for discussion, as many believe that women’s rights are greatly downplayed. This is a common myth that has no direct evidence because women in the UAE are entitled to:

  • employment;
  • education;
  • participation in the political activities of the state;
  • to receive medical care;
  • managing a business.

In this article, we will dispel some myths about the rights of the female population and explain what girls living in the UAE can expect.

Age of consent in the UAE

A woman in Dubai has a legal right to get married at the age of majority (18). However, according to the religious scriptures of the Quran, girls are allowed to get married at a younger age (after puberty). In such a case, parents or legal guardians must consent to the marriage. 

As for divorce, women in the Emirates can file a formal petition to the court to dissolve the marriage. Unlike men, who can get a divorce immediately, girls can only get a divorce after a court hearing. At the same time, women’s rights in the UAE stipulate that custody of the children remains with them. After the age of eleven for boys and thirteen for girls, custody passes to the children’s father, who can then make all priority decisions.

Despite the fact of divorce is quite common, women try to save their marriage, so they resort to the help of family psychologists. That’s why collaborative psychotherapy courses are popular among residents.

Education for Women

The Emirates is a country that provides quality secondary and higher education for both men and women. The average percentage of those with a diploma is 95%, which is a significant increase compared to the figures from 1975 (31%). 

Seventy percent of female residents of the United Arab Emirates graduate from both domestic and foreign institutions of higher education.

Almost 40% of girls are enrolled in Emirate public universities and more than 50% in private institutions. However, since 2014, girls have been allowed to enroll in a military college that trains future female members of the national security forces with an innovative curriculum (developing special skills and leadership skills).

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