Top 5 Emaar Projects in Dubai


The UAE is a country of luxurious architectural masterpieces that proudly rise above the bottomless desert and color the sky with illuminations and highlights. The creator of many exclusive skyscrapers and residential complexes is Emaar Properties, a company that occupies a leading position in the developer rating and is preparing to present new Emaar projects that will captivate residents and visitors of the UAE with luxury, scale and sophistication.

A little about Emaar Properties

 It is not for nothing that Emaar Properties has earned itself the status of one of the best developers in the UAE.  Emaar builds not just ultra-modern skyscrapers and residential complexes, it builds entire elite areas that excite with an abundance of opportunities and luxury.  One of the grandiose projects of Emaar Properties is the Emaar Beachfront area which is only partially completed so far but at the end of the construction process promises to become a Mecca of successful and self-fulfilling people.

 The popular Emaar Beachfront area is:

  1.  Well maintained parks.
  2.  Restaurants and cozy cafes enticing with the aroma of Arabic coffee.
  3.  Modern sports and playgrounds.
  4.  Shopping centers and the beach with an area of ​​more than 750 m.
  5.  Excellent transport interchange.
  6.  Well maintained embankment.
  7. Proximity to mosques, yacht clubs, kindergartens and schools.

 Emaar Properties plans to build 27 skyscrapers with more than 10,000 luxury apartments.

Address Residences The Bay

Address Residences The Bay is the perfect combination of impeccable taste, style and unprecedented luxury.  The owners of apartments with 1-3 bedrooms have access to a private beach, fitness areas, Michelin-starred restaurants, an infinity pool, conference rooms and a Lifestyle shopping center located near the residential complex.

 The residential complex is ideal for people who want to live their own lives in silence and comfort under the gentle sounds of the surf of the blue waters of the Persian Gulf. The community offers future apartment owners with world class amenities.  The cost of apartments starts from 2.25 million AED.

Creek Beach Orchid

If you dream of waking up every day to the melodic singing of birds from the Ras Al Khor Nature Reserve then Creek Beach Orchid will definitely be the perfect place for you to stay.  This is a community consisting of two 11-story buildings with premium apartments.  In the community you can buy apartments with 1-4 rooms from 1.5 million AED.

 Creek Beach Orchid captivates with the development of infrastructure, on the territory of the residential complex is placed a fitness center, recreation areas, restaurants, children’s and sports grounds, shops, etc.


Creek Beach Lotus guarantees its guests a bright, rich and comfortable life.  This is an ideal community for both families with children and people who have not yet found their soulmate.  On the territory of the residential community there is a medical facility, supermarkets, small shops and restaurants offering exquisite and delicious culinary delights, playgrounds and an amphitheater.

 In the residential complex you can use a concierge service and parking, a variety of pools with slides and simulated waves.  One of the privileges of the community is a private beach with a length of 7533 meters. The residential complex has 4 buildings of different heights: 6, 7, 10 and 11 floors, “filled” with comfortable luxury apartments with designer renovation, harmoniously intertwined with natural elements in the interior. In the community you can buy residences with 1-3 rooms costing from 1.13 million AED.

Address Residences Jumeirah Beach Resort + Spa

This grandiose Emaar project in Dubai captivates and inspires with its original design, grandeur and beauty.  Two 95 meters high skyscrapers are connected by podiums in the lower and upper parts of the building creating the effect of transparency and volume of the structure.

 The first skyscraper is the luxurious five-star hotel The Address Beach Resort while the second tower “accepts” ambitious and enterprising investors in its luxurious apartments with 1-5 bedrooms.  Luxury real estate owners are provided with apartment service by hotel staff, a modern cinema, shops, restaurants, a spa, a private beach and an infinity pool on the 75th floor spending time in which you can leisurely enjoy the mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets in the Persian Gulf. You can buy an apartment in an architectural masterpiece from Emaar Properties for 2.2 million AED.


Sirdhana by Emaar is luxury at its finest. The residential community is being erected on a picturesque embankment with a beautiful view of the sea. 4 high-rise towers are located in one of the most elite areas of the city – Mina Rashid. Today the construction of the community is still ongoing, the completion of the facility is scheduled for the III quarter of 2022. The developer promises that the owners of luxury apartments will not be bored in Sirdhana Emaar because they will find a lot of entertainment and places for a secluded, measured and relaxing holiday.

 Guests will enjoy adult and children’s pools, recreation areas, shops and cozy restaurants, a gym and a park with a unique landscape design for leisurely walks.  Sirdhana Emaar will offer 1-4 bedroom apartments and exquisite penthouses.  The cost of apartments starts from 2 million AED.

 All Emaar Projects are unique, unlike projects with a special atmosphere of luxury, coziness and comfort. Both UAE citizens and foreign residents can purchase apartments.  If you want to make a profitable investment, our Limitless Valley company will help you with the selection of apartments in one of the luxury complexes from Emaar. We have been working in the real estate sector of the UAE for a long time, our staff includes professional lawyers who are ready to provide qualified legal advice and experienced realtors who will quickly select options for luxury real estate based on your wishes.

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