Top 5 Best Hospitals in Dubai


In addition to unique architectural masterpieces and an abundance of entertainment, the UAE is also famous for its impeccable medicine.  For many years the state has invested financial resources in the development of the medical industry.  To date, the United Arab Emirates can be considered a country with one of the highest levels of medical care.  A hospital in Dubai is not just a standard clinic, it is a specialized institution staffed by the best specialists and doctors that the country has attracted to work from many foreign countries.

 Today one of the most popular emirates, Dubai hosts 429 clinics and 32 hospitals that provide qualified and fast medical care to both UAE citizens and foreign residents. But from the abundance of institutions 5 best hospitals can be distinguished which amaze with the level of technical equipment and a qualified approach to patients.

Medical clinics in Dubai

 The best clinics in Dubai:

  1.  Emirates Hospital Jumeirah.
  2.  american hospital.
  3.  King’s College Hospital.
  4.  Al Zahra.
  5.  Canadian Specialist Hospital.

 Emirates Hospital Jumeirah is the first in the list of clinics in Dubai.  The institution can be safely called the “founder” of the medical industry in the UAE.  Palm Jumeirah Medical Clinic specializes in almost all areas of the medical industry.  It is well developed in neurosurgery and surgery, neurology and pediatrics. The complex has become very popular and in demand due to the professional staff. In the price segment, the medical clinic cannot be called very affordable, a basic examination will cost about 2,000 dirhams.

Top 5 Best Hospitals in Dubai - Limitless Valley - Real Estate - Dubai

 American Hospital entered the Eastern market in 1996.  The clinic has an impeccable reputation, a large staff of highly qualified specialists and unique modern equipment.  The clinic has departments of general surgery, plastic surgery, gynecology, departments of maternity, genetics, cardiology, dentistry, etc.  This is the first hospital in the East to receive the JCI award. In addition to highly qualified doctors, American Hospital is also distinguished by the unique 4th generation da Vinci Xi surgical system, which involves the use of robotic surgery.  The hospital has proven itself in the field of weight loss, the clinic has departments that specialize in getting rid of excess weight with the help of plastic surgery and traditional weight loss methods.

Top 5 Best Hospitals in Dubai - Limitless Valley - Real Estate - Dubai

 King’s College Hospital is the benchmark for British healthcare standards.  The King’s College Hospital has a rich experience and professionalism, it originated in London over 175 years ago.  The hospital is JCI accredited and is part of the Dubai Health Experience. The clinic provides several packages of complex treatment or service. For example, an examination of a man will cost about 4,000 dirhams, and a woman will have to pay about 4,500 dirhams for a complete diagnosis of the body.

Al Zahra Hospital is an innovator in the medical care and healthcare industry. The company provides services around the world with many branches and offices.  The hospital is JCI and CAP accredited. Al Zahra Hospital is a hospital with many elite awards: Service Olympian Awards, Stevie Silver Winner, Annual Health Magazine Award and membership in the famous Dubai Health Experience.  The complex cooperates with many well-known insurance agencies to insure the life and health of its own patients.  The clinic offers a variety of services in gastroenterology, pediatrics, dentistry, gynecology, dermatology, etc.  The complex also has a separate department of high-class plastic and bariatric surgery.  In addition to its impeccable reputation, it is also famous for its fairly reasonable prices for services. For example, a standard female examination will cost only 540 dirhams and a male examination at 710.

Top 5 Best Hospitals in Dubai - Limitless Valley - Real Estate - Dubai

 Canadian Specialist Hospital is renowned for its strong Canadian canons and meticulous approach to treatment. The quality of the international standard is offered here, the genetic industry is well developed.  This is the best clinic for childbirth and postpartum recovery.  The institution is located in the Deira region and receives 500-600 visitors daily.  The complex offers about 19 treatment and diagnostic packages which differ in the range of services provided and in cost.

 Clinics in the UAE are distinguished by modern technical equipment and a high rate of treatment success.  For example, in the field of IVF, this indicator is at the level of 75%. Hospitals in the United Arab Emirates are the most effective way to help you get rid of excess weight with minimal risk to health and the likelihood of weight gain in the future.

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