How to pay DEWA Bill in Dubai


A Dubai resident’s main priority after moving into a new home (owned or rented) is the connection of utilities (electricity and water), which is handled by DEWA. The Authority is the only public company responsible for supplying electricity and water to each house. In this article, we will look at  interacting with the public service, connecting utilities, and making payments to DEWA.

What is DEWA

In 1992, the foundation year  of DEWA, a department that deals with electricity and water supply for the residents of Dubai. The main purpose of founding this organization was the need to unite the two departments that used to function separately. 

During the 30 years of its existence, the company has become the leading provider of water and electricity in many cities around the world. The organization serves more than a million customers living in the UAE capital and has received more than 20 awards for achieving high standards of quality, reliability, and efficiency in the past year.

In addition to connecting utilities, the company is also engaged in the development of projects for the production of electricity from environmentally friendly sources (the main focus is on generating electricity by using solar panels).

The main activity of the company is to provide water and electricity to the residents of Dubai. Interaction with the company is required during the first move in housing, moving in, and moving out of the apartment. Also, the organization works as a notification center, sending customers technical messages about emergencies or planned disconnection of communications. 

In addition to connecting electricity and water, the department provides payment services:

  1. DEWA Bill Payment. The organization gives people the opportunity to pay their bills conveniently. The department divides the payment amount into 12 equal parts to make it easier for the consumer to plan their budget and make the payment on time. In case of late payment, the communication can be disconnected. Reconnection is only possible 3 to 4 years after the bill is paid.
  2. Updating the consumer’s data. Using this service, the user can provide new data about himself (phone number, e-mail address, etc.).
  3. Refund. The consumer can submit a refund request.

The customer can also request a DEWA account to get a certificate of no utility bills owed. 

How to pay a DEWA bill

There are several methods of making payments that DEWA residents can use:

  1. Bank card. Consumers can make payments by transferring funds from a credit card. You can find a list of banks that provide this service on the official DEWA website.
  2. EasyPay online service. EasyPay is a convenient platform that allows you to pay your bill instantly.
  3. EasyPay official website. The resource has instructions that allow you to make the payment quickly. 
  4. Service Noqodi. Thanks to this platform, users can pay through an e-wallet or online banking (no payment limit).
  5. DEWA Smart App. Allows you to pay your bills at any time of the day or night from your smartphone (available for IOS and Android).
  6. MPay SMS service. Once you register on the MPay website, you can make payments by sending a text message.
  7. Tayseer service. A convenient online platform where you can pay your bills by providing an identification code.

Water and electricity will start within 15 hours after payment. If the utilities have not been connected by then, you must call 991.

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