How to Get UAE Citizenship


 The UAE is one of the safest and most economically developed countries in the world.  The state provides a lot of opportunities for development, career building, starting and running a business, earning money and comfortable rest.  Loyal tax system, good climate, luxury real estate – all this makes the UAE a very attractive and sought-after country for living.  Many people think that it is impossible to obtain UAE citizenship.  But this is a myth.  It is quite possible to become a full-fledged citizen of this country but for this a foreign resident must meet the requirements.

How to get citizenship

The UAE is a country that until recently was not entirely loyal to the assignment of citizenship.  Until January 2021 it was almost impossible to obtain the status but the situation has changed dramatically due to the need to attract qualified personnel to the country who can make an invaluable contribution to the development of the scientific and economic industry.

 Today, the following can apply for Emirati citizenship:

  1.  Investors who own real estate in one of the emirates.  The cost of housing and tenure is not fixed.
  2.  Qualified doctors, scientists and specialists in various fields, in demand in the UAE.  Applicants must have at least 10 years of work experience.
  3.  Inventors who own inventions that have been recognized by the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates.
  4.  People of creative professions (photographers, artists, writers, designers) with international awards.
  5.  Important!  Family members of candidates may also be qualified for resident status.

 There is no clear sequence of the status acquisition algorithm.  The Cabinet of Ministers select candidates and submit them to the main committee and subcommittee of WAM.  Employees carefully study the personal file of a foreign resident, analyze merits and professional activities, check reputation, etc.  Upon approval the foreigner’s personal file is transferred to an advisory committee consisting of representatives of all 7 emirates who make the final decision regarding the assignment of citizenship of the United Arab Emirates.

 If the outcome is positive, the foreign resident takes an oath and receives the coveted UAE citizenship and passport.  But in case of violation of the established rules the state has the right to deprive a person of such a privilege.

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