The 5 Best Pet Friendly Areas in Dubai


For many people, pets are full members of the family, so people who move to Dubai for permanent residence or come to the UAE for the purpose of spending holidays are not ready to part with them. In such cases, foreign residents will need to choose accommodation adapted for their pets.  In the United Arab Emirates, there are areas and LCDs with apartments for pets which provide special areas for their walking and training, veterinary institutions and shops.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

An area that will conquer not only the owners of animals but also the pets themselves with its developed infrastructure.  Separate park areas for leisurely walks, cozy corridors of greenery and an abundance of flowers create a unique and inimitable atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

 In JVC you can not only walk with a dog or a cat on foot in the park, there are also jogging or cycling paths on the territory, so morning walks with pets will become more varied and fun.  For pets, there is everything you need here: veterinary pharmacies, a clinic ready to provide first aid to a pet, qualified groomers who will quickly and efficiently “transform” a pet, etc.

Pet condos for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle start at AED 250,000.

Downtown Dubai

 Do you want to take your dog/cat for a daily walk through the famous Burj Park and enjoy the fresh air and the aroma of an abundance of trees and flowers? Then the heart of business Dubai – Downtown Dubai will suit you and your pet. 

Close proximity to the purest Burj Lake and the best network of veterinary institutions Modern Vet will provide your pet with a comfortable and safe life.  Luxurious apartments with luxury furniture are sold in the area – a segment from 1.2 million AED.  For a comfortable stay, foreign residents and citizens of the UAE can purchase apartments with 1-7 rooms, luxury penthouses or duplexes with amazing views of the city.

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

These are ideal pet friendly apartments, equipped with a lot of places for recreation and leisure.  Dog owners will be able to walk daily in a special “dog park” – Dog Park. There you can find all the necessary equipment for walking and training dogs of various breeds.

 Pet-friendly apartments at JLT are distinguished by a special sophistication and luxury, so pets will live a truly royal life in them.  It is very important for pet owners to take care of their health and aesthetic appearance, therefore, several veterinary institutions are located on the territory.  The Nobel clinic is always ready to provide first aid, at the Modern Veterinary Clinic you can use the services of a groomer or get advice on proper care.  You can buy real estate in JLT from 420 thousand AED.

Dubai Sports City (DSC)

 This is an area for active, purposeful and self-confident people. It is positioned as a district of sports people who value their health and who love to have fun and actively spend time not only while going in for sports but also while walking with their pets.

 The creators of DSC took care of the well-being of pets and created a developed infrastructure for them including a clinic, a grooming center, The Sustainable City Dog Park, a cafe with the possibility of visiting with pets and pet stores.  You can buy housing in this area for 500 thousand AED.

Dubai Hills Estate

 A variety of well-maintained plots and park areas, developed infrastructure, advantageous location – all this makes the Dubai Hills Estate area the best place to live and spend holidays in Dubai. The area captivates with its accessibility to the best shops and medical facilities, an abundance of playgrounds and training areas for dogs. Dubai Hills Estate sells 1-2 bedroom apartments. The minimum cost of housing starts from 75 thousand AED.

 Do you want to create comfortable conditions for your own living and the life of your beloved pet?  Then you’ve come to the right place! Our Limitless Valley company specializes in the sale and selection of luxury apartments.  With our help you can buy luxury apartments with designer renovation and the best furniture, we will help you choose the best options based on your requirements and wishes.

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